Hatching Eggs Hello Images-1728I may not be able to draw a dog, I may not be able to paint a cat, but I can capture a smile, a twinkle in the eye, a giggle, a fluttering eyelash, a sleeping baby, a fleeting moment of contemplation, a business face, a funny face, a dreamer, a superhero, a memory, your child, your family…your life!!    

I’m not sit still, sit up straight.
I’m not 1, 2, 3…cheese.
I’m not posey, posey, posey.

I am chilled, I am inquisitive and I just love finding those little moments that cannot be replaced – the little ones that can easily go unnoticed, but when captured in an image make us catch our breaths, get a little tearful and simply smile with joy. 

I am here to capture REAL LIFE…YOUR STORY!!